Monday, February 13, 2017

"Panzer Lehr clears the way", south of Bayeux, June 1944

Before Wittman stopped the "Desert Rats" at Villers-Bocage the 7th Armored Division was advancing steadily south of Bayeux, expanding the limits of the British steamroller in Normandy.So we're here, somewehere in the country, amond the bocage. On a dirt road there are british recce Stuart Vs rolling forward, unsuspecting what's behind the corner. Suddenyl the first tank is hit by a shot in the glacis and it tries to turn to reach beyong the aim of fire but a second shot penetrates the glacis and the Stuart lands in a ditch. A Sdkfz 251/9 leaves its ambush spot and accompanied by grenadiers begins to counterattack the advancing British party. With its 7,5 cm Sturmkannone 37 firing HEAT rounds with a penetration up to 90 mm of armor the Kanonenwagen can be used when needed as a ad hoc tank destroyer. And so the British advance on this route is temorarily stopped, but the Jabos are just around the corner...

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