Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hobby Zone Modular Workshop

Just recently I had the pleasure to assemble a selection of modules of the HobbyZone modular workshop kit. Each module has to be assembled and glued together with wood glue, it also comes with magnets used for connecting the modules together without a firm bond, that allows you to shuffle them as you wish and organise your workshop according to the need of the moment or conditions in your workspace. The bigger drawers come with plexiglass screens so you can see what's inside. Personally, for me the biggest advantage are the wide drawers where you can organize your modelling goods, details, spare parts etc., this comes in handy whether you're a figure modeller and have to stowe your figure parts or a AFV modeller where you can place your piecese of the model cut out of the sprues. As I mentioned the modules come in various types, big (26ml) and small (17ml) paint stacks, brush and tool holders, drawers, corner drawers, etc.In the attached photos you can see I have already started reorganising my worspace after putting everything together.You can of course joint the modules together and build a conctruction as high as possible, I decided to build a two level workshop and that is just perfect to fit in to my working table.

Highly recommended!

To read more, see the selection of modules available and get more info on the dimensions and prices visit the HZ page by clicking this logo:


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