Friday, April 22, 2016

What-if Panzer IV/70 letztlösung, stage 1 - the concept

The Pzkpfw IV development programme reached its limits with the Ausf. J and paralelly developed Panzer IV/70 built either by Vomag or Alkett, mounting the well prooved PaK 42 gun in a fixed superstructure. But what if the engineers had made an attempt to create a vehicle combining the PaK/KwK 42 powers with better armour keeping the vehicle at reasonable height and weight (unlike the Panther Schmalturm adaptation concept)? Here's where my story starts with this what if idea to build a final development version of the good old Panzer IV. Being tired with building models according to documentation and making figure sculpts I decided I'd give a go to something allowing me flow with my modelling immagination more freely. The negative here shows a mock-up (a very bad one, trust me) I built some years ago to see how it fits into the Panzer's traditional concept with some changes like sloped front armour, schmallturm-alike turret with saukopf type mantlet and Panther Ausf. G cupola, minus side hatches replaced by a single rear mounted one for loading the ammo inside the vehicle. Having these principles in mind now I'm going to build a better one from A to Z by scratching most of its main body and turret. The idea is to incorporate some solutions used in different wartime German designs (like Tiger II style big turret housing spare ammunition, Schmallturm shape and mantlet etc.) to build a unique panzer of my liking. Wish me luck.

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