Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another Sherman?...a quick in-between project

This M4A2 76 was sitting for quite a time on the shelf, waiting for it's moment and just recently it happened so that I stumbled upon a very cool photo of a late war Soviet operated Sherman that gave me inspiration to get back to this model. I was a bit fed up with Shermans for the moment - just recenly having finished the scene with the 105 howitzer variant but... a model needs a finish and since the mojo returned I'm going to fully make use of it. I already painted the tank with one of Lifecolor's Olive Drabs and ordered decals with the slogan and so on (The Russians always beat the that time yes...). The tank is believed to be photographed at Torgau at the end of the war, hence the slogan. I just had to adopt the already built model for the one on the photo and I'm ready to proceed with more work on it. Before the decals come I'm gonna paint all the on-vehicle things, periscopes, logs, rope etc.

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