Thursday, December 31, 2015

A warm farewell to 2015..

My last posting for 2015 and I can only say that everything went ok. Moreover I decided to withdraw for a while from the modelling seminars that I conducted continuosly since 2013, having the last one in Cheb, CZ in late October this year. 
Below is the last picture from the so far done progress on the tank crew. Still two figures to go, one waits for some paint, the other is still only partially sculpted. I just hope I will be able to focus on them more in the next two weeks to get this done before the boredome start to set in for good. More new works are there in the workshop and need attention so I will shortly show what I'll be doing in 2016. 
On this occasion a happy new year to all the readers and followers. May it be a prolific modelling year for you. Cheers.

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