Sunday, May 3, 2015

Polish Peoples' Army (LWP) troops, Kołobrzeg (Kolberg) 1945, Stalingrad figures conversion

There has always been a lack of descent Polish Army figures on the market so in many cases a modeller is forced to rework what is available. This applies either to Polish Army from the September 1939 campaign or later to the Polish Armed Forces in the west or the Polish Peoples' Army troops in the east. This time I decided to tackle the LWP troops (abbrev. for Ludowe Wojsko Polskie), the Polish Army contingend formed after 1941 in the Soviet Union comprising of former Polish POWs, taken in captivity due to the backstabbing attack of Soviet Union against Poland on the 17th of September 1939.
The figures I used come from the Stalingrad range by the very tallented Russian sculptor Alexander Zhelenkov. The figures originally show Soviet troopers operating during the battle for Berlin. They share some common features with Polish Army in the east but of course the uniform weren't identical to emphasise the "independence" of the Polish force from the Red Army. So the uniforms, caps and overcoats were of a more or less pre-war design (imitating a link between pre-war Poland and the newly evolving puppet communist government efforts under Moscow's control). As for the DP gunner the covnersion consisted of redoing the overcoat (different collar, details of sleeves and flabs of the coat. As for the Panzerfaust armed trooper  the conversion was focused on reshaping the pose into a more dynamic one and besides this redoing some details of the uniforms (Polish Army troops wore double flab jackets in comparison to the soviet gymnastiorkas). I also added a collar to the padded jacket. Another thing I changed was replacing the original helmets with Miniart ones, these were the same as the ones used by the Red Army. The figures are now ready for painting. They will eventually end up on a diorama in the future. More about this idea to follow ina  couple of weeks.

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