Sunday, May 31, 2015

Polish Peoples' Army (LWP) DP 28 gunner, Kołobrzeg (Kolberg) 1945

Lately I had the pleasure to visit Slovakia and meet with Slovak modellers at Bulldogfest 2015 in Liptovsky Hradok and thus didn't have much time for painting. After my return I had enough time to get back to this fellow here. The figure is ready, I will probably adjust the weathering once it will be positioned on a diorama in the future. The figure is a part of a bigger figure endaevour but I'm not quite sure when I will finish this project. Polish LWP units had a practice to paint Piast eagles on their helmets, but since this drew attention from snipers it wasn't that common in real frontline life. I decided to use this detail for a more interesting appearance of the figure. The decal comes from my colleague Tomek of Toro Model. The collar patch indicates type of formation i.e. infantry (yellow-dark blue stripe) as issued in 1943. I painted the figure using acrylics as usually with just some minor oil paint glazes here and there and weathering effects. Now I'm off to start painting the panzerfaust gunner.

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