Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Budapestian insurgent, Hungarian rising 1956, WiP, #1

The Hungarian 1956 rising was always my field of interest, several years ago I even started building a vingette based on those events but didn't finish it. Recently my interest was drawn to the subject again. The archive photo shows one of the more remarkable personalities captured in the photos of the rising - the bowler hat man. His name was Jozsef Tibo Fejes holding a captured AK 47 (relatively newly deployed to Soviet units). I didn't hesitate a minute and started sculpting the figure immediately. Moreover Mosonshow and my sculpting demo are closing it so it will be a perfect opportunity to pay a homage to Hungarian insurgents from the 1956 events. So far I have started I'm done with his trousers and working on the bowler hat, not an easy thing to portray properly. Stay tuned for more!

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