Wednesday, February 25, 2015

beutepanzer crewman #1

The first figure on the go is the driver, it is actually less than half a figure since only a part of his shoulders is visible through the hatch. He's wearing Wehrmacht reversible winter jacket in mouse grey/white color. The figure was painted with Vallejos.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

beutepanzer crew WiP

I havedone enough progress on the T-34 to focus now on the figures. The tank itself is weathered and I'm gonna add some small stowage items here and there to make it look more interesting. The crew comprises of three figures, the driver, whom will be wearing the Wehrmacht reversible winter hooded jacket and loader and commander, both will be wearing their typical panzer jacken tucked in their wintertrousers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

beute T-34/76, more progress - wear and tear

This time I got a focusedmore on the running hear and here are some results. As for now one track got a layer of mud composed of Vallejo dark earth paste and dark slate grey pigment. I started also applying some lumps of mud and earth to the fenders and I'm gonna proceed more. Who said tanks don't get dirty on their upper horizontal surfaces? Still more fuel and oil streaks to be added here and there. I will slowly begin working on the figures to have this subject ready for Bytom show in mid March.
Enjoy your modelling and until soon!

Friday, February 6, 2015

beute T-34/76, WiP continues

Past thelast several evenings I was able to focus on weathering the tank and so far I applied first layers of mud to the hull tub and suspension. I left the front part of the tank clean at this point to proceed with weathering it with mud splashes after the suspension weathering will be done. Next step is to add some rusty tones to the hull schurzen brackets. Hope you like it thus far.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bulldog Fest 2015, 23 May 2015, Slovakia

This year marks my 3rd year of my tournee around Europe with sculpting seminars. First one to go is Mosonshow in April, just like the year before I will visit it with a figure seminar so if you haven't had the chance to drop by in 2014 you can do it this year. Next show I will be visiting with a seminar is Bulldog Fest in Slovakia run by Jan Moravcik and his friends. I will be there on the 23rd of May. For more info about the show visit their facebook page. See you there.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

beute T-34/76, WiP

After I while I'm back with some new in-progress shots of the Germans' used T-34, somewhere in the Kirovograd aread during 1943/44 winter time period. I focused on doing a freshly applied white wash without too many washed off paint effects etc., in contrary to the tendency we often observe whilst modellers build their winterized vehicles. It is a tendency that has been araising for the last couple of years but research show we do get different effects on real vehicles so why only focus on replicating a specific washed off effect? I decided to go the other way round and paint the vehicle in a good condition, just at the outbreak of the winter season. Below you can observe some progress. The paintjob was done so far with hair spray and tamiya X-2 white and Vallejo white shades. Why gloss paint? Because it gives that good glossy, hardened surface and you don't have to apply the glossy varnish to proceed well with filers or washes. More to follow shortly.