Thursday, November 6, 2014

"En route to Berlin" diorama finished

After a long period of time I can finally call this project finished. It was a valuable experience in terms of scratchbuilding, scultping and painting for me. That's the way with each new project and it actually should be that way. The story behind this scene is loosely based on the march route of the SS Sturmbattalion "Charlemagne" in April 1945 that was heading for Berlin to help the forces preparing there for the Soviet attack. In the meantime 2nd Belorussian Front managed to make fast movement to encircle Berlin from the North Western flank. And that's where my story begins. Some French SS troops are being captured by a Red Army recon squad that meets up with one of the IS 2 tanks from the spearheding attacking forces. Two SS men have been shot dead in captivity and the officer, captured later is still alive, being a source of some information of the movement of German forces in the area but probably he won't live to see another day...The construction of the fachwerk house was based on refference found on the internet in regards to the German countryside architecture of the preeceding ages to the XXth century.



  1. In one word: Stunning. I saw the pictures first and later read the "story" of the scene. Before reading anything, my first feeling was that poor guy will be dead in a few minutes. The tension is almost touchable. The faces of the Soviet guys, the dead French soldiers (very nicely "hidden" in the background) and the encircled positioning of the French survivor is impressive. I always learn something from you. Congratulations! I hope will see it next year on MosonShow :) cheers, Zsolt

  2. THanks for the feedback Zsolt,
    Take care and see you at Moson,