Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fachwerk house in progress

After returning from my two week holidays I already managed to start painting the house. I still have to finish the other side of the stonewall first floor. I already started painting on some moss and grime effects on the lower sections of the stonewall visible on the picture. The roof tiles have been oversprayed with Lifecolor paints already. The most difficult part should be the roof since I want to create many different weathering effects on them. During the holidays I visited Lower Silesia, where the landscape is full of many houses of this type. I brought with me not only nice photos and memories but also new inspirations, new ideas. Constructing miniature buildings is becoming more and more interesting for me so studies are needed to recreate the reality as accurately as possible. 
More progress to follow.

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  1. Great looking building, love the stones and the timbering...