Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Publications, AFV Modeller no 76, "Jerry got his!" & Interview with R. Aguilera...

This year is being very busy and prolific at the same time. In cooperation with David Parker the editor in chief of AFVM from Great Britain I was able to finally publish my interview with the Mexica collector Roberto Aguilera who aims to create the first Modelling Museum ever that will be located in New York, USA. The article is entitled "Man with a dream". If you want to get to know more about this extraordinary idea get your copy of the latest issue of the magazine. Moreover there's also a second article of mine in this issue, the KOed StuG diorama entitled "Jerry got his!" that finally made it's way to the english publishing market. The times are busy, next month I'm heading for Ireland to run the seminars there. I'm also working a lot on more new publications including three book projects but I will write more about this later this year, since these are long term projects. Nevertheless stay tuned.

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