Monday, April 28, 2014

Mosonshow 2014 update

This year's edition of the Mosonshow taking place continuosly for the XVIIIth time this year in Hungary in the town of Mosonmagyarovar, close to the Austro-Slovak-Hungarian border was my 5th visit to the show. I always return there with great sentiment. The first edition I ever visited in 2010 was very succesful for me, as a newbie I got the Best of Figure prize and some gold medals too. Back then the prizes were very important to me and still they are a part of the competition. But over the years I changed my point of view and started to put more stress on the events itself than solely the competition part. Last year I was invited to do the judging in master diorama class, and it was a very educational experience to participate in the process and get to know their standards and criteria. This year I was asked to run a sculpting seminar. I'm going to be there with a lecture or workshop next year too. Thanks to the organizers (Andras Egresi and Gergo Szaszko et consortes) the show grows bigger every year attracting visitors even from far away like Los Angeles USA. For me it was a pleasent time, more relaxing because I didn't take part in the competition just done the lecture and enjoyed the weather, good food and company of friends and colleagues. It's good to remember that these events are not only for competition but also or even above everything for meeting up with friends and socializing. Below you can find some pictures my beloved girlfriend Ania and I took during the show. Like I mentioned before I'm gonna perform another seminar next year so feel free to visit the show and meet me there as well as other special guests that will be coming to perform their demos. 

When I came to the workshop rooms, before my demo was to start, from the morning hours Adam Wilder was performing his seminar, seen here with a group of spectators observing what he's doing.

The Spanish master painter Fernando Ruiz Ceano of the Heroes and Villains team. Finally we had the chance to meet up together and chat for a while.

Internationally renowned modeller Chris Jerrett (Canada) perfoming AFV technics demo and Anthony Guarderas from the USA.

Abrams Squad's stand had a display of various models by the very tallented people from around the globe, here a Syrian T-62 done by the very tallented Martin Kovac (Czech Republic).

My Russian friends Andrey Grechkin and Roman Volchenkov.

The whole gang at the award ceremony, awaiting... 

Maestro Pere Pla and Robert Racz (ProModell of Hungary) at the Abrams Squad stand.

Along with Fernando Ruiz came another master painter Jaume Ortiz, he doesn't need introduction I believe, photographed here with Sergiusz Pęczek, polish master modeller

Pere with his wife and Alessandro Bruschi of Auriga Publishing and Anthony with his collection of models he brought with him from LA.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Publications, AFV Modeller no 76, "Jerry got his!" & Interview with R. Aguilera...

This year is being very busy and prolific at the same time. In cooperation with David Parker the editor in chief of AFVM from Great Britain I was able to finally publish my interview with the Mexica collector Roberto Aguilera who aims to create the first Modelling Museum ever that will be located in New York, USA. The article is entitled "Man with a dream". If you want to get to know more about this extraordinary idea get your copy of the latest issue of the magazine. Moreover there's also a second article of mine in this issue, the KOed StuG diorama entitled "Jerry got his!" that finally made it's way to the english publishing market. The times are busy, next month I'm heading for Ireland to run the seminars there. I'm also working a lot on more new publications including three book projects but I will write more about this later this year, since these are long term projects. Nevertheless stay tuned.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mosonshow 2014, summing up and some thoughts

Last weekend I visited Mosonshow in Hungary. I was visiting the show with a sculpting lecture. Below you can find some photos from the show and my lecture as well. Next month I'm heading to Ireland, to the IMSS meeting in Dublin to run two lectures. This time besides sculpting I will tell a bit about the alcohol based tamiya acrylics weathering. I described the technic in the latesst issue of Military Illustrated Modeller in article regarding the build of the lend lease Churchill Mk III. After Norway and Hungary this will be my third show during my sculpting semiars tour around the world this year. After Dublin I will have a couple of months off and then again back to bussiness in October at SMC in the Netherlands.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Publications, Euromodelismo 247, das Tigergrab, 503 sPz.Abt., Potash 1944

  Just after my return from the seminars at Mosonshow in Hungary I was informed that my Tigergrab article will be featured in the upcoming issue of Euromodelismo and apparently it's my 3rd cover during the last month. Now the Tiger article already available in English and Italian is available in Spanish language too.