Sunday, January 26, 2014

M4 Sherman with T34 rocket launcher (Calliope), Germany 1945

Just after finishing the build up of the polish Firefly, I jumped to another Sherman subject. This time a US operated tank, a M4 with T34 rocket launcher, that was introduced in ETO in early 1945. If you want to build this tank, there are two alternatives - you get the old italeri Calliope M4A3, or you get a conversion from Verlinden, otherwise you can always sctrachbuild it completely... Since I prefer working with plastic than resin, and since the reviews available online weren't that optimistic as it comes to the quality of the VP kit I decided to give a go to the old italeri kit. It needs a lot attention and redefining some details, especially as it comes to the launcher tubes, but it's far more convinient for me to work in plastic. The Sherman itself was slightly updated with Tasca suspension and tracks with duckbills. It also got new weald seams made of Magic Sculpt and other slight improvmentes. The launcher will receive a scratchbuilt tubes support frame and new trigger mechanism, I will also add all the missing details. Still lots to do here but I'm getting there and the model should be ready for painting ina  few weeks or so. Stay tuned.

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