Friday, December 6, 2013

My trip to Mexico...sculpting lecture and meeting with the IPMS Mexico

On Friday evening, 22nd of November we had a meeting at Roberto Aguilera's gallery of Star Wars and Scale Modelling, Mexico City D.F. The gathering consisted of friends and IPMS Mexico members. It was a very pleasent evening with lots of laugh and good moods. I had the pleasure to meet the IMPS Mexico members and the president of the society - Jorge Escajadillo - friends call him the Doc. 
On Saturday morning the next day, I did a sculpting lecture for IPMS Memebers that came that morning to have a breakfast together and then to attend the lecture. It was a nice experience and I had the opportunity to explain some of the secrets of sculpting to the audience. 
Big thanks goes again to Roberto Aguilera who was the spiritus movens of this endaevour and my great host in Mexico City and of course to the IPMS Mexico members.

Friday evening meeting at Roberto's gallery.

Discussions about the collection, Ricardo and Daniel in the foreground, cheers amigos :)

Well, here with eyes closed, but I couldn't bare this any longer... :)

Sunday morning lecture at "The Wings". With Jorge "Doc" Escajjadillo and Roberto Aguilera

Photo courtesy Felipe Longoria Chavarin, Guillermo Diaz de Leon Calzada and Jorge Escajadillo.

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