Friday, December 27, 2013

More progress on the figures...

Today's picture posting shows more progress done on the recon trooper, I still need to sculpt the hoodie and add some details like seams, buttons etc. The baggy looks of the recon overall is evident and I'm happy with the results achieved so far.  I also did some work on the SS Mann figure depicting a captured sorry looking officer from the 33. SS "Charlemagne" Panzergrenadier Division. The division was involved in the defense of Berlin so it's a good pick to include a figure like that in the JS 2 diorama since the story is placed on the far suburbs of the city. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Razvedchik with PPS 43

Time has come to get the figures for the JS 2 diorama finished. Most of the work done so far on the 3rd recon trooper concerns resculpting the whole figure and what I had done before. I did new trousers and respahed the pose a bit, shortened upper torso and started working on the camouflage blouse. The sleeves are to be added this evening. Hoping to have this diorama ready for Mosonshow next year...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Skala 2014, IPMS Norway, 15-16 March 2014

2013 hasn't ended yet but already I would like to inform you of a upcoming event in 2014 - IPMS Norway Skala 2014 modelling show in which I will be taking part with scultping lectures along with maestro Luca Zapmriolo from Italy. The show takes place on 15-16th of march 2014 in Oslo. See you there!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BSMC Lier-Putte, 08.12 2013 - trip to the Ardennes and the show

Last Friday, late afternoon, there was a hell of a blizzard over Warsaw and I was sitting there at the airport, waiting when they will probably cancel my flight to Brussels and imagine that the weather got better and we could take off. There was a smiling, kind Belgian waiting for me at the airport. Jan picked me up and drove me all the way in Antwerp direction, to Lier to attend the BSMC Friday evening meeting. These guys gather every Friday in their club, model together, chat and enjoy their time together to the late evening hours. I was really impressed how it's all organised there in Lier. 
Saturday morning, Jan arrived early, we were going to hit the road and head for the Ardennes and if you're in the Ardennes there are some places you just have to visit. So our first stop was La Gleize. And if you're in La Gleize there's the Tiger II from KG Peiper that got it's barrel shot and was left behind by the retreating Germans in the final stage of the offensive, when it collapsed. After La Gleize we headed for Grandmenil, where a lone Panther from 2. SS Pz.Div. "Das Reich" sits among the trees. Leaving the Panther behind us we drove to La Roche, to visit the museum that's located there. There's also a Sherman and a Achilles TD in the town. Next stop was Houffalize, where the second Panther Ausf. G is located. Leaving Houffalize behing, with a bag full of custom made belgian finest chocolates we headed directly to Bastogne, passing Foy at speed. The 500 km trip ended at 1630 hours that day as we returned to the evening meeting at the show halls. Then a dinner in the local brewery with nice company of the BSMC crew and special guests- Harry Steen and David Zabrocki who came with his lovely wife, Michelle. Sunday started early in the morning too, as we headed to the halls at. 9.30. The preparations were finished and first competitors and visitors arrived at the show. At 11.00 Harry had his soldering demo, mine sculpting tips were at 13.00 and then David proceeded with his painting technics. The show ended up at 18.00, at 16.30 started the award ceremony. It was a very well organised show, with a lot of traders there in a second hallway, good models on display, some gems were there too. I was very happy with the lecture, as many people came to see it and I really hope they were encouraged to start their own sculpting. It's actually not that hard as it looks like, believe me. My personally favorite moments were all the talks and laughs with good all friends (Pere Pla came all the way from Spain along with his fellow Ruben Gonzalez Hernandez) and the new ones too, like Darren Thompson or Yves, the president of BSMC too.
What can I say, it was a wonderful weekend. Big thanks to Yves van den Brouk, Mario Eens, Jan Goormans and the rest of the BSMC crew for inviting me there and being my hosts!

When in the Ardennes, a picture like this is a must have :)

Bow to the King

"Das Reich" Panther G at Grandmenil, vehicle destroyed due to mine damage

misty La Roche

This Sherman here, hit no less than 3 times, note the penetration in the mantlet

Leaving La Roche...

and after a few kilometers there's the second Panther in Houffalize

We left the Panther behind just to meet up with the Screaming Eagles!

at Foy...

Final stop in the Ardennes, Bastogne war memorial...

Show venue in Putte, club stands...

Morning hours, the display area

Special Guests of this years BSMC show, Harry Steen (soldering demo) and David Zabrocki (figure painting demo)

David's masterpieces, all in one place...

Harry's demo on soldering

Staf Snyer's quarterscale Tiger I

Robert Doepps works


Ruben Gonzalez and Darren Thompson, two great guys

Pere Pla (Abrams Squad magazine) - the man that keeps on smiling ;)

Staf's next project

Darren posing next to his award winning Maultier

Dirk Lehaen's Blitz

Pere Pla's Duster

Friday, December 6, 2013

My trip to Mexico...sculpting lecture and meeting with the IPMS Mexico

On Friday evening, 22nd of November we had a meeting at Roberto Aguilera's gallery of Star Wars and Scale Modelling, Mexico City D.F. The gathering consisted of friends and IPMS Mexico members. It was a very pleasent evening with lots of laugh and good moods. I had the pleasure to meet the IMPS Mexico members and the president of the society - Jorge Escajadillo - friends call him the Doc. 
On Saturday morning the next day, I did a sculpting lecture for IPMS Memebers that came that morning to have a breakfast together and then to attend the lecture. It was a nice experience and I had the opportunity to explain some of the secrets of sculpting to the audience. 
Big thanks goes again to Roberto Aguilera who was the spiritus movens of this endaevour and my great host in Mexico City and of course to the IPMS Mexico members.

Friday evening meeting at Roberto's gallery.

Discussions about the collection, Ricardo and Daniel in the foreground, cheers amigos :)

Well, here with eyes closed, but I couldn't bare this any longer... :)

Sunday morning lecture at "The Wings". With Jorge "Doc" Escajjadillo and Roberto Aguilera

Photo courtesy Felipe Longoria Chavarin, Guillermo Diaz de Leon Calzada and Jorge Escajadillo.

Belgian Scale Modellers Convention, 8th December, 2013

This afternoon I'm heading for Belgium, to give a lecture about sculpting and possibilities of using sculpting putty for different purposes etc. on Sunday, 8th December at the Belgian Scale Modellers Convention 2013. Although the weather is bad and the wind blows strong, I do hope the afternoon flights won't be cancelled...
See you at the show.