Saturday, November 2, 2013

C4 Open, 26-27th October, Malmö, Sweden

The last weekend of October is a special time for Scandinavian modelling. Each year in Malmö, southern Sweden a group of friends led by Erik von Rosen (formerly by Erik Ahlström) organise the C4 Open modelling show. The show takes place in Malmö's Technology and Sailing museum. This year's edition scored more than 430 models on display. I had the pleasure to run a sculpting seminar during the second day of the show, on Sunday the 27th October. The level of the competition itself was very high as many tallented modellers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary and Poland attend the show. My eye was caught especially by the figure section, where Markus Eriksson and Magnus Fagerberg displayed some terrific pieces winning gold with their works. There were some impressive large civil dioramas with a lot of details to watch and the craftmanship that is worth admiring. My attention was also drawn by some excellent World War I planes that were on display. Please enjoy the photos attached and see you there next year. 

The main show hallway

A photo taken during my lecture about figure sculpting, photo courtesy of Erik Gustavsson

The museum has many beautiful exhibits on display that you can admire in the meantime of having a break from the show

Roman Volchenkov from Norway with Erik Ahlström, former chariman of the C4 group

 Friends from Hungary, Peter Horvath from RP Toolz and Miklos Sikora

 Swedish modeller Emil Juhl, was awarded not only by the jury, but also got a special prize founded by Military Modelcraft Int. for this excellent T-72 in Iraqi service

 Toni Canfora's StuG III Ausf. G model that can be also found in On Display vol. 2 book by Canfora Publishing

Malmo in scale... 

Markus Eriksson's gold winning Iraq diorama 

One of the nicest aerial dioramas I have seen in a while with this shot down A20 

 Behold and enjoy all the details in Markus's worldclass work

 Andreas Grevin's Cromwell IV that can be found in the latest volume of On Display from Canfora Publishing - British Steel

 Roman Volchenkov's Gaz with captured FlaK

 Magnus Fagerberg's work, the dragon slayer, one of the show stoppers

 Markus Eriksson is a modeller with various interests and this is a good example of his ability to work with different eras and subjects, a gold winning medieval knight figure, it's not easy to paint reds

More awarded, terrific figures

 Erik and Toni Canfora

MiG 29 from Minsk Mazowiecki, with Zdzislaw Krasnodębski tail artwork

 One of my WW I favorites, a Hansa Brandenburg from Wingnut in 1/32...

Johan Augustsson's Valentine

Junior's class...

 Peter Horvath's IS 2 tank in 1/48

The town hall in Mamlö

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