Saturday, November 30, 2013

My trip to Mexico... visiting Roberto Aguilera

Recently I had the pleasure to visit the country of Mexico, to behold the beauty of this country, it's heritage of different culturls and influences and also to taste the incredible food that is served there.  Ciudad de Mexico Distrito Federal was my destination. I have been invited there by a very special person who is involved in creating an extraordinary place - the first modelling museum in the world. Roberto Aguilera is a film director and a passionate modelmaker at the same time. He is building the finest collection of various models and figures from aknowledged modellers from around the world. Among the collection you can find models of Adam Wilder, Brett Green, David Parker, Man Jin Kim, Mig Jimenez, Mike Rinaldi, Per Olav Lund, Sang Eon Lee, Staf Snyers, Tony Greenland, M Workshop team from Singapore and some Mexican modellers too. Roberto's goal is to expand the collection to the number of exhibits that will allow him to open a full scale museum in the nearest future. I was honoured to join the exhibition with my recent diorama works. 
Please enjoy this short report regarding the collection. More about this endavour will be described in an interview I did with Roberto visiting him. Stay tuned.

Mig Jimenez's Diana from the Afrika Korps

Roberto's diorama with a Gepard FlaPz. made by Chef Lim from Singapore

Another excellent example of Roberto's joint builds, this time the diorama features Per Olav Lund's touch on the groundwork, Pz IV E made by Mike Rinaldi and figures, from Alpineminaitures box art made by Man Jin Kim

Mike Rinaldi's D9 heavy dozer...

Roberto's Wildcat...

The display...

On the display shelves you can find David Parker's 1/16 Tiger II, a model that was built for 3 years... with full interiors

Roberto's 1/72 P 51 Mustang

My Tigergrab (Tiger's grave) joined the collection along with the recent Dieppe raid scene, K.O.ed StuG from Italy and soviet Pz IV E scene

Staf Snyer's Bergepanther armed with a 3,7 Flak, as seen in the final days of the war from sPzAbt. 503 FHH in Czechia, 1945

Mike Rinaldi's Tiger II and Roberto's Schwimmwagen for the company

Mig Jimenez's latest - Ferdinand from battle for Kursk

Adam Wilder's E-50 paper panzer...

Adam's LVTA

David Parker's AFV Modeller cover no 1 - Tiger I from Kursk battle, one of my favorites

Roberto next to his joint built dioramas, with Bison made by Mike Rinaldi and figures painted by Sang Eon Lee, the scenery an Pzkpfw I Ausf. B are Roberto's, scene awarded on Nationals in Mexico City

Staf's incredible Pzkpfw II Ausf. L "Luchs"

Rinaldi's ISU 122 and Murat Oezgul's Ba-64, again base done by Per Olav.

This is yet another example of joining tallents of different modellers together, Mike's Panther G and Per Olav's scenery...

This time one of Adam Wilder's latest - T-34/85 with Thoma Schurzen, Per Olav's scenery and figures painted by Sang Eon Lee

Bye for now!