Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Mule - Ford Maultier, ICM 1/35, WiP #3

Continuing the adventure with the Mule, I found some time to do a bit of work on this model again. As I noticed, the early vehicles - with round fenders had the triangular cargo bed supporing shape moved to the end of the frame so I reworked this part. As far as I know the layout made by ICM reffers to later production vehicles with flat fenders and small headlamps. But that's my guess coming from observation of wartime photos and the vehicles that still exist today.
I also made cargobed fenders. For this purpous I used thin aluminium sheet. Also the reinforcing ribs were added to the italeri drive sprocket as seen on Ford vehicles (this feature is not present on Opel drive sprockets). I also noticed one flaw of the italeri frame, the idler is moved to far to the back that causes a big gap between the rear bogie and the idler. This is easy to rework just by cutting the idler mount and gluing it vertically. But this is yet to come. 

This is the picture I use for refference for the future figure layout (Panzerwrecks vol. 3)

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