Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Mule - Ford Maultier, ICM 1/35, WIP #1

Some months ago, yet in 2012 I purchased the relatively new release from ukrainian ICM brand, a long awaited softskin vehicle, Ford Maultier based on the Ford V 3000 truck used in large quantities by the Reich during World War 2. It must be also said that the Maultier version of this vehicle was the most wide spread version of the Maultier during the war (Opel and Borgward produced their adaptation of the tracked truck programme). I always wanted to build one of these and since Ford is much more prettier than Opel I bought the kit immediately. The problems staerted after initial assembly of the model. It occured that it has many flows despite the easy fit of parts. The rear suspension frame had a wrong shape, the road wheels had a wrong profile resulting the roadwheel would fit into either Modelkasten nor Friul tracks. The fenders of the cab were to bulky, the front wheels to large and to wide. I decided to rework this model, despite realising the amount of work it needs and below you'll find the recent progress pictures. I changed the rear suspension frame for the old italeri Opel Maultier one. The sprockets and idlers were changed for italeri too since the kit ones were to large in diameter. The roadwheels come from Dnepromodel conversion set that corrects the rear frame and suspension flaws. The front wheels are courtesy of Mig Productions. I appreciate a lot their help in this matter. Still a lot do do, especially the detailing of the cab interior and I will also need to rework the cargo bed a bit to enlarge the ground clearance of the cargo bed.

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