Sunday, May 26, 2013

3D printed model - Renault R35 conversion, ETS35 by Niels Henkemans

Hello again. Today I would like to show you another project that I will be starting to work on soon, it is the old Heller Renault R35 kit with two prototype 3D printed update sets from ETS35. Shapeways of Netherlands takes care of the printing part and the design was done by my collegue from Eindhoven, Niels Henkemans, a man who's biggest interest are the prewar French Hotchkiss and Renault tanks, hence the conversion. Niels also designed sets to upgrade the Hotchkiss H35/H39 tanks but lets get back to the R35 conversion.
The first sprue comes with a full running gear update, the bogies can be assembled movable. The details are crisp and of highest technical standard. All you have to do is to wash the sprue from the lubricants that was covered in during the production process and you can start the assembly. CA glue is required here. On this sprue you will also find some parts for updating the bow of the R35 as well as some engine hatches. 

The second set Niels designed recently comprises of a new, fully detailed turret with german modified commanders cupola (split hatch type). The interior is complete including the episcopes, gun breach, coax MG etc. On this sprue you will also find a completely new, fully detailed drivers hatch. The turret comes also with a fully detailed traverse mechanism. 

My projects aims to build a German vehicle operating in Normandy with the 100 Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung that was wiped out during combat with the 82nd and 101st Airborne, many tanks were lost during the La Fiere skirmishes. I also bought a set of Modelkasten tracks, since those from the kit are pretty terrible in appearance. The set comes with a white metal casted drive sprockets. With all these updates it is possible to turn the old Heller kit into a modern state of the art model keeping up to XXIst century standards.