Monday, April 29, 2013

Publications, TankArt vol 2. Rinaldi Studio Press, page preview of my Figure chapter

Mike Rinaldi's Tankart vol. 2 is printed and ready to be shipped. Here's a page preview of my figure chaprter. I'm more than pleased with the results. Hope you'll enjoy it as I did preparing the material.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Publications, MHobby, 4, 2013, Using magic sculp for zimmerit and hitmarks article

News from Russia, some useful tips for making hitmarks and zimmerit with the use of magic sculp in the latest issue of MHobby magazine. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Boulevard of Sorrow", Operation Jubilee, Dieppe raid, 19.VIII.1942

My new vignette entitled "Boulevard of Sorrow" inspired by the failed Operation Jubilee - the Dieppe raid is ready. A step by step article about creating this piece will be available in upcoming Canfora Grafisk Form and Foerlag book "On Display vol. 3- British steel".

Saturday, April 6, 2013

8,8cm PaK 43, France 1945

The 8,8 cm PaK 43 being the most powerful antitank gun of the war was deployed in vast numbers eastern as well as on the western front. I always liked it silouhette (the 2 xale version is much more pretty in desging that the single axel PaK 43/41 Scheunentor...). I found a nice wartime picture showing it in a courtyard somewhere in France (at least the description said so) and that was the impulse to get the kit. The only injected version of this gun is available from Trumpeter and knowing Trumpeter's latest releases I was sure about the quality of the kit. Although the parts need a lot of cleanup the kit builds very straightforward and without any major problems. The only thing that Trumpeter missed about this kit are the front axles' torsion, if you want to make that you need to cut the parts, but that's an easy fix. The second thing are the brake system cables, visible on the archive photo below. But that is also an easy fix. The kit comes with two frets of PE parts, the whole gun shield can be built with PE, and a turned aluminium barrel. Nice addition making this kit a multimedia product. The kit includes also 8,8 cm shells as well as empty ones. Assembling the suspension consume most time of the whole build. But the final look is worth the effort. 

Fully elevated gun position, making it an antiaircraft weapon too I guess....

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Publications, MHobby no 4 2013, Making the Zimmerit with magic sculp tutorial

News from Russia. The latest issue of MHobby magazine features my zimmerit making article.

Panzer Gefreiter, 1/35 Sculpt

Yesterday I manage to finish a new figure sculpt, just in time for Mosonshow 2013, the figure will be displayed at the show. It depicts a battle weary panzer crewman. I yet need to add the death hussar sculls to his collar and a gefreiter insignia to his left arm and it will be ready. The figure is in 1/35 scale and measures around 48mm to the eye line. It was made using Magic Sculp with addition of hornet hands and head and some PE insignia and belt buckle from various sets.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

lend-lease M3 Stuart "Suvorow", vintage 2007

Visiting my parents for Easter I picked up this model from my old workshop. It's the old tamiya M3 Stuart which I bought several years ago already assembled. The model already had a mesh added to the engine compartment but no more aftermarket stuff besides this, it's a simple OOtB build. I painted it in 2007 or so nicknaming it "Suvorow" (the original wartime Suvorow Stuart had a Honey type turret not the rounded one unfortunately). Now I'm thinking to repaint the model although sentimens tell me to leave it as it is right now...