Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flammpanzer III auf Fahrgestell StuG III C/D, Flamm.Pz. Komp. 351, Hungary 1945

Unusuall subjetcs are my favorites for a long time and after the zimmerited Beobachtungspanzer I'd like to build another rare vehicle. It's not only rare because of it's battlefield duties - a flametank based on a Pzkpfw III was not a usual site, less than 100 were converted in early 1943 but mine example was built on a StuG III C/D modified chassis - two archive photos of this conversion are available and both come from the Flamm.Pz. Kompanie 351 that fought on Hungarian land. Having spare hull of a StuG and the upper body and turret of a Pzkpfw III Ausf. J I decided to build this interesting vehicle. I already started on dealing with the suspension, I want the vehicle to be in severely damaged condition - the right side of the torsion bars as well as the wheels got broken and damaged and the vehicle is leaning to the front right side. I will add more damage during the build but this will come in the nearest postings. Below you can find first in progress pictures along with the two known archive pictures of two different Flammpanzer III (the one has it's bow reinforced with bolted on additional armor, the second has a standard StuG hull layout - 50mm armor).

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