Sunday, February 24, 2013

beute Hotchkiss H39, 7. SS Gebirgs Division "Prinz Eugen" - painting the tank

After the Beobachtungspanzer it's time to proceed with one of my all time favorites - the french H39. I'm building it as a vehicle from Prinz Eugen division operating in Bosnia somewhere around autumn 1942. The vehicle already got a cote of Lifecolors (this time I didn't use the easy 3 set, just made some experiments with various colors) and I started with weathering it (some filters and washes so far). I want to have the model ready for Bytom, 5 days left to get it finished...


  1. Excellent model Radek! I love it! Beuten are always very impressive! Keep up the good work, mate!

  2. Znowu szkopski czołg?

  3. To źle że Niemiecki?
    More to follow shortly Alex.