Sunday, February 3, 2013

Artillerie Beobachtungspanzerwagen III Ausf. H

Yes, one of the longest names of all german panzers, the BeobPzWg III, mine built on a Pzkpfw III Ausf. H chassis, the old dragon release slightly updated with copper, aluminium and sheet plastic for the turret skirts along with a set of the common Pzkpfw III/StuG III/40 type tracks (open horn) from Modelkasten. To make the vehicle even more interesting I added a coating of zimmerit. There are archive photos showing these vehicles in such outfit from Normandy and Hungary as well. And the latter means a lot because it means that these vehicles survived at least 1 year of heavy fightings (these conversions were made in early 1943 when the earlier Ausffuhrungs (E-H) became totally obsolete by the time of the outbreak of the Zitadelle. I haven't done a triclor camouflage for a very long time and frankly speaking I was hestitating painting it on this vehicle (many of these were originally monotone or wore a two tone camouflage). But I decided to give it a try and started working with Lifecolors. I used a standard set of rotbraun and olivegruen (flashed with a bit of gelbbraun). The base color was done with a mix of gelbbraun and light dust colors. More to follow shortly since I want this model ready for Bytom contest (March 2nd). So yet a month to work on it. 

here the model yet with a plastic dummy barrel that was later changed for a copper tube.

And with camouflage on...

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  1. Hi there Radek!
    Excellent details, and excellent painting! This is amazing! Keep up the good work!