Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska, 11-12 Maja 2013 - Warsaw Modelling Feast, 11-12th of May 2013

This is a new modelling initiative in Warsaw lead by my collegues. The show will take place on 11-12th May 2013. More information to follow.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

beute Hotchkiss H39, 7. SS Gebirgs Division "Prinz Eugen" - painting the tank

After the Beobachtungspanzer it's time to proceed with one of my all time favorites - the french H39. I'm building it as a vehicle from Prinz Eugen division operating in Bosnia somewhere around autumn 1942. The vehicle already got a cote of Lifecolors (this time I didn't use the easy 3 set, just made some experiments with various colors) and I started with weathering it (some filters and washes so far). I want to have the model ready for Bytom, 5 days left to get it finished...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Publications, Super Model nr 44, Ślady trafień

Najnowsza publikacja z cyklu modelarskie ABC w kolejnym numerze Super Modelu - tym razem po zimmericie przyszła kolej na ślady trafień pocisków w płyty pancerne.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flammpanzer III auf Fahrgestell StuG III C/D, Flamm.Pz. Komp. 351, Hungary 1945

Unusuall subjetcs are my favorites for a long time and after the zimmerited Beobachtungspanzer I'd like to build another rare vehicle. It's not only rare because of it's battlefield duties - a flametank based on a Pzkpfw III was not a usual site, less than 100 were converted in early 1943 but mine example was built on a StuG III C/D modified chassis - two archive photos of this conversion are available and both come from the Flamm.Pz. Kompanie 351 that fought on Hungarian land. Having spare hull of a StuG and the upper body and turret of a Pzkpfw III Ausf. J I decided to build this interesting vehicle. I already started on dealing with the suspension, I want the vehicle to be in severely damaged condition - the right side of the torsion bars as well as the wheels got broken and damaged and the vehicle is leaning to the front right side. I will add more damage during the build but this will come in the nearest postings. Below you can find first in progress pictures along with the two known archive pictures of two different Flammpanzer III (the one has it's bow reinforced with bolted on additional armor, the second has a standard StuG hull layout - 50mm armor).

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Artillerie Beobachtungspanzer III Ausf. H, unknown SS unit, Normandy 1944

Today I present the finished Beobwagen, the vehicle will be a part of a diorama from the Normandy campaign where the SS divisions made an extense use of these vehicles (these were enlisted to the LAH, HJ and Hohenstaufen). The vehicle was an armored forward artillery observation tank hence the barrel was a dummy to make space for additional long range radio equipment. The model itself was a good test field for Lifecolors which I haven't used before. The results were spectacular for me, the paints produce a thin and sturdy layer and you can make corrections for countless times if needed. They are practically odourless and the work goes fast. For painting chips and scratches I used the Vallejos as usual. The model kasten early style 40 cm wide Pz III/IV tracks were painted with Tamiya and Modelmaster paints. The weathering was done with artistic oils, Mig and AK interactive washes. The decals were applied with the help of Micro Set/Sol solutions. Article about this build including the homemade zimmerit part should be available in print in a few months.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Publications, Steel Art, march 2013 - Tigergrab once more

The Tigergrab scene will be once again featured in print, this time in the italian Steel Art magazine. Available in march as a part of the Tiger special issue.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Artillerie Beobachtungspanzerwagen III Ausf. H, closing to finish

I'm closing to finish the build of the Beopanzer. Still quite a lot to do, the inner sections of the schurzen need more attention, as well as the spare tracks, I also need to lay a matt cote on the model and then work with the pigments on the flat surfaces to represent the dusty conditions of French summer. The model will be a part of a small diorama in the nearest future. More about this to follow shortly. Until the Mosonshow I want to have both - the JS 2 scene and this one ready.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Artillerie Beobachtungspanzerwagen III Ausf. H

Yes, one of the longest names of all german panzers, the BeobPzWg III, mine built on a Pzkpfw III Ausf. H chassis, the old dragon release slightly updated with copper, aluminium and sheet plastic for the turret skirts along with a set of the common Pzkpfw III/StuG III/40 type tracks (open horn) from Modelkasten. To make the vehicle even more interesting I added a coating of zimmerit. There are archive photos showing these vehicles in such outfit from Normandy and Hungary as well. And the latter means a lot because it means that these vehicles survived at least 1 year of heavy fightings (these conversions were made in early 1943 when the earlier Ausffuhrungs (E-H) became totally obsolete by the time of the outbreak of the Zitadelle. I haven't done a triclor camouflage for a very long time and frankly speaking I was hestitating painting it on this vehicle (many of these were originally monotone or wore a two tone camouflage). But I decided to give it a try and started working with Lifecolors. I used a standard set of rotbraun and olivegruen (flashed with a bit of gelbbraun). The base color was done with a mix of gelbbraun and light dust colors. More to follow shortly since I want this model ready for Bytom contest (March 2nd). So yet a month to work on it. 

here the model yet with a plastic dummy barrel that was later changed for a copper tube.

And with camouflage on...

8th Army soldiers, Italy 1944, my sculpts available from Adalbertus

The figure is available now in Adalbertus on-line shop. It comes as a single figure or coupled with the leaning soldier from the previous release. 

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