Thursday, January 3, 2013

BMP-1 Spetznaz Battalion "Vostok", Georgia 2008

This year's going to be prolific, since it yet got started and I already found the time to build a new model - Trumpeter newest BMP-1. The kit is very straightforward - a one evening build I can say (besides the tracks that need cleanup, but this is normal as we speak). The kit comes with some basic PE parts and a turned barrrel for the 73mm recoiles gun, also it has a set of workable click-type tracks. I'm going to build it as one of the "Vostok" battalion vehicles operating in August 2008 in the Russo-Georgian war in South Ossetia. I already started adding the crew and some Spetznaz troops. They will be wearing a variety of russian modern uniforms as well as a variety of weapons - some AKM, PKM machinegun, SVD (the famous Dragunov sniper rifle) and other AK based weapons. I'm going to get the initial shape of the crew completed this evening. There are three more figures to be added. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! This is clearly goin to be stunning! I've always loved the overcrowded tanks! It gives so much life to a model! :) Keep up the good work, Radek!

  2. I will throw fistfulls of money for copies of these figures. There's not much out there for modern Russkies. I'm excited to see how this comes along!