Sunday, January 6, 2013

BMP-1 - all aboard

I have completed the arrangement of the figures as well as finished the build part of the model - the skirts and tracks are in place. There are total 8 figures aboard the BMP with two crew members. The Spetznaz team is armed with a Dragunov, PKM MG, AKM with silencer and PSO 1 sight, AKM with grenade launcher, and two AKR assault rifles. I'm considering adding a ninth figure the driver but that will be solved later as in case of this figure only the head and shoulder would be visible.
Below a photo from Ossetia, 2008 showing the BMP I'm reffering too.


  1. Radek, looks cool. One note - the skirt that is bent would fall from the vehicle since it is not attached on the model now.

  2. Yes, I agree, but it's attached only for the photo, the side skirts, tracks and wheels aren't glued to the vehicle for the ease of painting process ;) Don't worry and thanks.
    Thanks Phil.

  3. Cool! This is going to be stunning! Keep going, Radek! :)