Friday, January 11, 2013

Alpine Miniatures, US Army tanker #2, Finished

Today's posting shows the figure of the second tanker from the Alpine's excellent set finished. Below you'll find some WiP photos I've made to show painting small details like the armored troops triangle emblem with the use of Vallejo acrylics.
I must say I'm getting more satisffied with achieved results compared to the first US army figures painted months ago.

The figure has this detail sculpted so I first started with a khaki brown primer painting the triangle and rank insignia with a fine 0/5 brush (a mix of Panzer Aces colors no 310 and 337 with a little drop of retarder).

Then a deep yellow shade (no 70.915) from the Model Color range was used mixed with beige...

Then a mix of deep blue shade (Panzer Aces no 309) and white color  (no 315) for the second part of the triclor triangle shape...

The third color- red was a mix of Model Color basic red tone (no 70.947) and deep siena from the Panzer Aces range (no 343).

The last thing to do was to paint the gun barrel inisginia across the triangle (it is visible on the first picture).

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