Saturday, December 22, 2012

Publications, Super Model no 43, Wykonywanie zimmeritu z masy Magic Sculp

Preview sample of the newest issue of polish Super Model magazine, delivered directly from the publisher, with my article regarding creating zimmerit antimagnetic paste in scale models with the use of sculpting putty  Magic Sculp. Wkrótce w sprzedaży.

The Bodi, Hungarian spg Zrinyi Crewman, figure ready

Sculpting the tommy figure was one thing that kept me busy for the last couple of days, but the other was to finish the Zrinyi crewman. I found just the right time to finish the figure for Roman before the end of the year and even the armageddon. 
Detailed tutorial on how to do simple conversions to turn stock figures into really original  pieces and paint a figure in one evening will be featured in Mr. Black Publications nearest Scale Model Handbook volume, available in early 2013. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

British Tommy boy, 1/35 - finished

Yet another thing for today's update, I have managed to finish the british soldier figure. The figure will be available due soon from Adalbertus of Poland. Stay tuned.

Publications, look inside Euromodelismo 229...

The mailman dropped the latest Euromodelismo today and I must admit that Pere did a great job, spreading the article about my soviet Pz IV Ausf. E on 20 pages. Spanish readers get a deep look inside the build of the model itself and the diorama too.  The article focuses mostly on the idea and the use of various technics, not the media itself, since I mostly use traditional oil paint based washes and filters so you don't need to spend a lot of money on brand made modeling weathering media. Some sample pages below. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, December 14, 2012

400 000 hits!

I just noticed that the pageload counter passed the 400 000 hits. I'm very happy that my works presented on this blog gain evergorowing interest and draw attention of so many people. This score is the best gratification so a big thank you and feel free to visit me here anytime you like!

British Tommy Boy, new figure sculpt, 1/35

As some may remember, in 2011 I made a figure of a leaning british soldier for polish figure producer Adalbertus. The figure was used in the diorama "Jerry got his!" that was published in Canfora's On Display vol. 2 - StuG III. Recently I'm finishing second figure for the set, the standing brit (commercial verion of the standing brit form the "Jerry got his!" diorama). The figure should be available in sales in early 2013. The progress so far is as follows:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Bodi, Hungarian spg Zrinyi Crewman, 1/35 conversion

Just recently my friend, Roman Volchenkov asked me if I could do a small converion along with a paintjob for him. The subject was a hungarian tank crewman of the Hungarian Royal Army from WW 2 era. The figure came from the excellent Krisztian Bodi series. The thing to do was to rework the lower part of the trousers since the SPG crews wore short boots only and the figure comes with the high boots. I did the job with magic sculpt and greenstuff. The pictures below show some of the process on the figure. I'm currently proceeding with the paintjob. The figure will eventually find it's home aboard a Zrynyi self proppeled gun from Bronco.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Publications, Soviet Pz IV E, Steel Master no 116, December-January 2012/13

Upcoming issue of Steel Masters marks my debut in this french language magazine devoted to AFV miniatures. The soviet Pz IV E article is spread over 12 pages of this issue. Hope you'll like it. My thanks goes to the editor, Emilien Pepin.
Amicalement votre.