Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scale Model Challenge 2012, Eindhoven, Holland, Photo Report

Below you will find a number of photos from the trip and the show, do enjoy, there were some real gems out there.

Entering Germany and heading westwards...

The Ruhr...

Aitor Azkue brought his mega dioramas - the first to go luftwaffe scrapyard

Scale Model Factory stand was full of brilliant works, here Roger Hurkmans' WW 1 dio

Excellent sea dioramas

Some hippie tanks from the Lebanese border

David Parker's (AFV Modeller's editor) Tiger II B in 1/16 took gold

Excellent winter camo on a quarterscale JS 2 from Peter Horvath

Another sea monster, a U-Boot

The always pretty StuG

Kamil Feliks Sztarbała (Poland) won bronze with his Libyan militia hilux

Kristof Pulinckx got gold for his Iraqui Enigma

Sven Frisch scored with bronze for his newest production - the Elefant

While Adam Wilder was doing his true steel demonstration, this piece was to be found on the tables from the afv masterclass, a great rendition of what Adam touhgt about at his seminar

Aitor Azkue's second big deal - downed Henkel 111 in Norway, gold medal in dioramas and the Best of Show as well!

Robert Doepp brought several of his recognizable pieces, among this panzer crewman bust

Roman Volchenkov scored bronze for his 1/48th scale AA Stag

Richard Polderman and Bas Hermsen joined forces to show this beautiful 1/48th scale Steyr Funkwagen

Another gold medal winner, the unbeatable Volker Bembennek

Peter Horvath's another masterpiece, Saipan Sherman

Another cool scene from Scale Model Factory's stand, Roy Schurgers' Peeping Tom diorama

Finally another medal for polish modeller, Rafal Bulanda's scratchbuilt SU 122-54 won bronze

And that's it for now, hope you enjoyed. If you want more, be there next year and make the difference ;)


  1. I wish I could be there but I'm in the states, thanks for the great photos!

  2. Radek,

    How are you my friend? Thanks for sharing the SMC show photos; good stuff to feast the eyes on :) Got the On Display vol 2, congrats on your work there. Some really nice works for interesting read.

    Keep in touch!


  3. Thanks Stein!
    It's been a long long time since our last contact, couple of years I suppose? Thanks, the On Display book shares some really nice works, especially those of Volker. He's craftsmanship is so amazing.
    How's your modellin passion developing?

  4. Radek,
    Good to hear from you. Yep, its been few years. For most of this year, modelling was slow for me :( until recently I was able to get back into it. I'm inspired after looking at model shows (Euro Militaire, SMC). My plans to attend these 2 shows this year got interrupted due to a local model event in November. MCON 2012 -
    My trip will be pushed next year. Would like to meet up with you and other modellers next year :)
    I admire you, living in europe you have lots of time for modeling. Here its all about work/numbers/results, no quality of life. Sorry I digress. I'm pushing myself for next year's show. I agree, Volker's works are amazing also the other artists in the book.