Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review, Scale Model Handbook Figure Modelling vol. 4 - Mr. Black Publications

Lately I received the latest release form Mr. Black Publications - The Scale Model Handbook Figure Modelling vol. 4 that I would like to review in a few words. The publisher gives us another volume of his quite new series (they are on the market for a year or so). The line is dedicated to figure modellers but as far as I know there is a greater variety of subjects to be published in the future. The edition is printed on a good quality paper with large photos. The publication is spread over 50 pages. There are some award winning authors involved in the project to  guarantee the quality of the work. On the cover of this volume we have a Boudica painted by the South American master Ernesto Reyes from Venezuela and the article about painting the figure opens the volume. There's also a second article from this author, painting feldgrau tones on a German Schutze. Although the series is mostly focused on historical miniatures, from time to time the publisher offers a bit of diversity and present articles about WW 2 subject. In this case besides the mentioned Schutze article we get a beautiful rendition of a MG 42 SS Gunner from Kazufumi Tomori. 
The other authors are Aleksander Michelotti from Italy, and Greek miniaturist Grigoris Marmatakis and Christos Stamatopoulos.
The publication offers good quality photos in big resolution (although I find them too dark at times) with a lot of text describin used technis and media to get the best effects. 
Some sample photos below.

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