Saturday, September 29, 2012

Publications, Creating zimmerit and hitmarks with Magic Sculpt, Modelar no 9, 2012

My newest article regarding various use of magic sculpt sculpting putty is available in recent Modelar. The article covers two subjects - making zimmerit antimagnetic paste on german late war armor and creating realistic hit marks in armored plates. Don't hesitate to get your copy!

Alpine Miniatures, US Army G.I. with radio, 1/35 WIP

Recently I got back to painting figures and here's the newest one, a sculpt done by one of my favorite miniature artists, Krisztian Bodi. The figure was released some years back by Alpine Miniatures along with a second one to complete the set. I did some experiments with adding purple color to shadowed areas, along with changing the background for a copper color card. Effects are seen on the pics,below, hope you like it. Although still some retouches are needed.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Waffen SS Grenadiere, Hungary 1945, new pics

Finishing military miniatures ends not only at the painting stage, it also includes photography. I was playing around with some different background colors for these two grenadiers finished some time ago an here are the results. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

StuG III Ausf. B

Yet another Pzkpfw III chassis based build, this time the older sister of the StuG III F/8, the StuG III Ausf. B. The base kit is the old DML offering, also available under Italeri label (actually I got my kit in this offering). The kit is sound, lacks details but that is not a problem, isn't it? I already made some updates with Modelkasten tracks which are a must for this kit, PE fenders by Part (originally dedicated to StuG III E/F, but that's another story), RB turned barrel and aerial and Eureka towing rope. The kit will receive further treating with PE and scratch to fully improve the basic kit. Stay tuned.

TWS damaged, rubberless roadwheel.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Panzer III's second life - Beobachtungspanzer III Ausf. H

Today's posting's about a older DML kit I had in my stash for a while and it finally got its turn. The Kit is the Beobachtungspanzerwagen III Ausf. H - an artillery observation vehicle suited to operate with armor as a forward observer. The tank was armed with a single MG 34 located in the centre of remodeled mantlet (bearing a fake gun barrel). My vehicle represents a later factory type since it's covered with zimmerit. The turret schurzen were crafted from thin aluminium (brackets) and sheet styrene. I used parts from newer dragon releases (turret basket, right drive sprocket, the left one is the Panzerart offering) some PE parts dedicated to Pzkpfw III as well as Modelkasten tracks. The tank will be painted in a tricolor camouflage and will depict a vehicle operating during the Balaton battles in spring of 1945.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Publications, StuG diorama "Jerry got his!" - Canfora Publishing "On Display vol 2. - StuG III"

I'm pleased to annouce the results of my cooperation with Toni Canfora - a chapter about my "Jerry got his!" dio included in his StuG III book, the second volume of the  On Display series. Among the authors you'll find Volker Bembennek, Bernhard Lustig, Roger Hurkmans, Mike Rinaldi and the editor himself - Toni Canfora.
More information in Toni's webshop 
Check it out! 

Sample pages (thanks to Terry Ashley - PMMS)

Monday, September 3, 2012

StuG III F/8 1/35 kitbash

Yet another build to get completed recently, a StuG III F/8 comprising of a reworked hull of the new DML Pzkpfw III J offering and the older DML StuG III F casemate. The new DML StuG III F/8 kit was released just as I was finishing  joining those two models together... This one represents a late production vehicle with MG shield added and StuG III G style transmission inspecion hatches.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bambini di guerra 1/35, finished

Both figures are finished and were shipped to Italy. They will be a part of a diorama build by Ale Bruschi and Vincenzo Lanna.