Sunday, April 1, 2012

Derelicts of war, 116. Pz.Div. Windhund, Falaise Gap, VIII.1944

More panzer wrecks on my workbench, and this scene had been pretty much of my interest for a long time. By now I have the Sd.Anh .116, a Kubelwagen and Pz IV Ausf. J, early production vehicle. I also want to add some Brits inspecting the wreckege and their Austin Tilly. This is going to be a tough project but since I'm in a full swing and have finished several older works I'm ready to get commited to this. As for now I'm dealing with photoetche for the sound tamiya Pz IV Ausf. J which needs deteailing up. I also decided to change it a bit comparing to the original picture by adding tracks, removing one of the return rollers and adding some more minor damage to the turret schurzen and hull brackets (this yet to come). Progress as seen below.

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  1. Fajnie, że wróciłeś do tego projektu. Możesz powiedzieć coś więcej na temat tego zimmeirtu na pz IV ?