Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things to come - Berlin '45 U-bahn entrance vignette

After finishing the Waffen SS Grenadiere from ATAK I picked a subject waiting long on the shelf to be finished. I started building this vignette back in 2009, the red army trooper was the first to be finished, and as I mentioned in the articles describing the sculpting step by step on this figure that it's going to be a part of a vignette and here it is. The scene takes place in Berlin, late april 1945, the red armyman is taking into captivity some exhausted Volkssturmers. The first figure of the german VS is ready and the secondone is yet to be painted, hopefully during the weekend. As you can see most of the build is completed but there are important details to be added like the U bahn sign on top of the pole and a damaged street clock. I want to have this scene ready for next week's Bytom contest. As for now, enjoy the photos.