Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unterscharführer, 3. SS Pz. Div."Totenkopf", "Op. Konrad I", Ungarn, winter 1945

More progress on the figure, I'm close to finish painting the trousers. Below the photo of the figure is the mix of colors used to paint the Eichenlaubmuster - the basecoat and dark blotches, 3rd photo shows the mix for yellow blotches of the oak leaf pattern that I use. I had some questions about the colors, and I hope this will help a bit.

For the basecoat of the trousers I used a mix of no 305 and no 337 with a 70-30% ratio. For highlights of the basecoat I added few drops of no 345. For the darker and lighter blotches of the pattern I used no 310 and no 337. Then glazes made of thinned Winsor & Newton oli paints were involved, based on van dyck braun, french ultramarine and magenta (not shown here).

The yellow blotches of the pattern were painted as follows with a mixture of no 321 and no 341with a similar ratio of the paints as previously (70%-30%). The pattern was lightened with delicate strokes of a mixture of no 321,341 and no 70917. I also started using a lot more retarder then I did on previous figures with pleasent results (the colors blend in in much more comfortable way).

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