Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unterscharführer, 3. SS Pz. Div."Totenkopf", "Op. Konrad I", Ungarn, winter 1945

As you may remember couple of months ago I did a set of Waffen SS Grenadiere for polish ATAK model brand and now I found the time to paint my copies of these figures. I started with the veteran Unterscharführer figure armed with a StG 44. Initially When I was sculpting this particullar figure the available info I had claimed that he's wearing a winter fur overall. But as I was noticed, it was quite common that the soldiers put their winter SS anoraks in their pants and most probably this was the same case. That is why I came to an idea to paint the trousers in the autumn Oak Leaf Pattern camouflage. Paints used are Vallejos.
Progres as seen below.

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