Tuesday, November 1, 2011

152mm обр. 1937 ML 20 Gun-Howitzer, Trumpeter

It's about time to paint something really special, this time I picked a quite new model, the long awaited infamous 152mm ML 20 (used i.a. on SU/ISU 152 Zvieroboi SPGs). The build is finished, I will proceed with paintjob shortly. The kit overally is impressive in looks and very nice in build-up with some minor part fitting and trimming required. I really liked the idea of packaging PE parts in foil, which prevents tiny parts, when cut, from flying away into the unknown...).


  1. Impresionante Cañón. Felicidades.
    Por cierto parece el mismo montaje que el del M-1931/37 de 122mm.

  2. Perdona Radek, me refiero a éste: