Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unterscharführer, 3. SS Pz. Div."Totenkopf", "Op. Konrad I", Ungarn, winter 1945

As you may remember couple of months ago I did a set of Waffen SS Grenadiere for polish ATAK model brand and now I found the time to paint my copies of these figures. I started with the veteran Unterscharführer figure armed with a StG 44. Initially When I was sculpting this particullar figure the available info I had claimed that he's wearing a winter fur overall. But as I was noticed, it was quite common that the soldiers put their winter SS anoraks in their pants and most probably this was the same case. That is why I came to an idea to paint the trousers in the autumn Oak Leaf Pattern camouflage. Paints used are Vallejos.
Progres as seen below.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Napoleon's footsteps, retreat from Moscow 1941

Doing some cleanup in my "atelier" I encountered a vintage 2006 figure that was sculpted by me as a commission for one of polish new brands at that time which was going to launch a series of WW 2 figures. In total I sculpted 5-6 figures but in the end the whole commission was cancelled and none of the figures saw daylight.
This figure depicts a battered and freezing german soldier retreating from the failed operation Typhoon, an attempnt to seize Moscow in the late months of 1941. Even thoght it's a 5 year old project, I still find this figure very interesting attempt in sculpting action figures and trying to portray a dramatic scene in scale. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

152mm обр. 1937 ML 20 Gun-Howitzer, Trumpeter

It's about time to paint something really special, this time I picked a quite new model, the long awaited infamous 152mm ML 20 (used i.a. on SU/ISU 152 Zvieroboi SPGs). The build is finished, I will proceed with paintjob shortly. The kit overally is impressive in looks and very nice in build-up with some minor part fitting and trimming required. I really liked the idea of packaging PE parts in foil, which prevents tiny parts, when cut, from flying away into the unknown...).