Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review - Panther - Canfora Grafisk Forms & Foerlag

During my visit in Mosonmagyarovar I met with Toni Canfora, the publisher of the first class Nordic Edge book series. He handed me in with his newest Panther book. I got my example signed by the publisher himself and by the originator of the Panther subject book - Mirko Bayerl (as I reckon one of the best modellers of our time).
The book makes a outstanding impression positioning it among one of the best modelling-historical research publications available on the market. We get a 144 pages volume filled with excellent photos of models and craftsmanship of their authors as well as historical background and research for the subjects.
The foreword is written by Hilary Doyle.
There are 10 modellers appearing on the pages of this book and they are as listed:

Roger Hurkmans with a 11. SS Pz.Abt. "Hermann von Salza" Panther Ausf. D
Lester Plaskitt with a Pz. Reg. 23 Infra Rott prepared Panther Ausf. G
Darren Gawle with a I./Pz. Reg. 22 Stahlrad Panther Ausf. G as seen in the Berlin area
Mirko Bayerl with a 9. SS Pz. Div. "Hohenstaufen" Befehlspanther Ausf. G AJ 9
Roddy MacDougall with a SS Pz. Reg. 1 Stahlrad Panther Ausf. G
Toni Canfora with a I./4. Pz. Reg. Panther Ausf. A
Brian Murdoch with a 2./SS Pz. Reg. 1 Panther Ausf. G (turret in zimmerit)
Gunnar Janson with a Infra Rott/Bild Wandler (IR/BIWA) Panther Ausf. G
Markus Eriksson with a 5. SS Pz. Div."Wiking" Panther Ausf. A
Phil Stutcinskass with a KG "Peiper" Stahlrad Panther G

Moreover there are 3 articles by Mirko Bayerl covering the search of the AJ 9 Panther and the battle route of the 9. SS "Hochenstaufen" in Hungary during operation "Fruhlingserwachen" in march 1945 as well as photographs of rarities found today on the once bloody battlefields of the hungarian landscape.

In my opinion this is a highly reccomended publication with simply a load of high class modelling and a lot of historical info presented in a interesting and original way.

As far as I'm concerned Toni is already preparing new subjects so stay tuned for more.
Below some photos:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Publications, Military Modelcraft Int. Vol 15, No 7, May 2011 - Showtime - Bytom contest photo report

David Grummit of MMI asked me to do a show report about polish premier modeling contest that takes place each year in February in the city of Bytom, Silesia. It's a very pleasent event and modellers from around Europe are most welcome to visit.
The material is available in May issue of MMI with the beautiful Stuhlweissenburg diorama by Roger Hurkmans.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mosonshow 2011

I just got back from Mosonmagyarovar contest, Hungary. The show again gathered great modellers from around Europe and a lot of interesting models. Here's a short report on the show.

A group photo of me and the Scandinavians: Toni Canfora, Tommi Mynttinen, Jari Hemila, Per Olav Lund, Nadir Khazimi, Henrik Melvold, Petri Kovanen, Sverre Melleby and Jouni Koski, as well as Marek Solar from Slovakia, and Gergo Szaszko, photo courtesy of Gergo Szaszko.

Models on display:

Polish winged Hussar bust

Hulk super hero figure, absolutely fantastic

Sven Frisch's Flakpanzer III

Blown Flak by Jouni Koski

Per Olav Lund's newest award winning creation

Some figures

Sverre Melleby's Belina's uhlan

Jari Hemila's rusted Sturmi

Quarterscale Jagdtiger

Sven's Kanonenwagen

A 1/72 scale diorama
Bernhard Lustig's Schwimmwagen from KG "Hansen, Ardennes offensive

Jiri Malcharek's Panther, a terrific model

As for me, well I didn't get any awards this time. But I got some interesting offers from the publishers. I will reveal more information in the nearest future.
Enjoy the photos.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I have finished a painting that I started long ago. Hope you like it, it's not perfect but it's a part of me. The dimensions are 38 x 46 cm.
Thanks for looking.