Sunday, February 27, 2011

VIIIth Modelling Festival in Bytom, 26-27 February 2011

I just returned from the biggest modelling festival in Poland, which takes place in Bytom, Silesia. The show gathered more than 1000 models on display, It was a fantastic event, the evening party with old and new friends was great. I'm looking forward for next year.

1/72 Panther with interior...

T 80 destroyed in Chechnya (Tomek Janiszewski).

Advancing Hetzer (Adam Obrębski).

Aussie Centurion in Vietnam.

Beautifuly finished Marder III H (Mateusz Mathea).

Krupp Waffentrager, one of my favorites (Michał Walkowski).

Recognize this one? Abrams in Iraq (Sebastian Woś).

Lend-lease Sherman, with my Panther in the background (Krzysiek Wiśniewski).

Winter paint scheme cathegory.

Afghanistan convoy diorama, with it's creator in the background (Sebastian Woś).


  1. hi iam a lebanese modeler, entered suddenly to your blog, it,s soo beautiful, i will save it and see it sooo carfully pebble by pebble