Sunday, February 27, 2011

VIIIth Modelling Festival in Bytom, 26-27 February 2011

I just returned from the biggest modelling festival in Poland, which takes place in Bytom, Silesia. The show gathered more than 1000 models on display, It was a fantastic event, the evening party with old and new friends was great. I'm looking forward for next year.

1/72 Panther with interior...

T 80 destroyed in Chechnya (Tomek Janiszewski).

Advancing Hetzer (Adam Obrębski).

Aussie Centurion in Vietnam.

Beautifuly finished Marder III H (Mateusz Mathea).

Krupp Waffentrager, one of my favorites (Michał Walkowski).

Recognize this one? Abrams in Iraq (Sebastian Woś).

Lend-lease Sherman, with my Panther in the background (Krzysiek Wiśniewski).

Winter paint scheme cathegory.

Afghanistan convoy diorama, with it's creator in the background (Sebastian Woś).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recent workbench projects...

Couple'o weeks ago I was writing about new stuff to be published here and so here are some, first the "italian" Panther from Anzio-Nettuno - revisited. I decided to redo the suspension, I disassembled the wheels added a set of friuls to add a much more realistic touch, here these are dryfitted.

Along with the Panther I made a effort to finish a oldie, Shanghai Dragon JS 2m, a very old kit that needed much attention (i.e. the hull was 2mm to shallow, this needed fixing immediately). Friuls were added, a must for this type of model, armorscale barrel, grills and some scratchbuilding. The model will be representing a tank from one of the Heavy Tank Brigades taking part in Berlin operations, Seelow Hights battle to be precise. More to follow.

Friday, February 4, 2011

ATAK Model - Waffen SS Grenadiers, Hungary, winter 1944/45,

Soon ATAK Model of Poland will be releasing their first 1/35 figures, my two sculpts which are a german late war Waffen SS Panzergrenadier in winter overall and a german Waffen SS Pionier equipped with full sturmpioniere gear. The figures are based on a series of drawings found in one of russian WW 2 books.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tiger I Mittlere Produktion, 503 sPzAbt., Potash, Ukraine, March 1944, Model Finished

I managed to finish the tank and add some photos to the gallery. More will be posted once the base and the figures will be finished. This was quite a difficult built but I consider it to be my most advanced model (i.e. with the use of multiple finishing technics). Mostly I managed to fully understand the use of pigments and oils, mixed with media that allow to create different grime, stain and oil effects. The whitewashed camo was a complex operation, first the hairspray technic, than several layers of dilluted whites and sand tones. In the end it came up quite good I think.

More photos under this link:

Thanks for looking.