Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

The year is closing to it's end so on this occasion let me wish you a happy and joyful time spent together with your friends beloved ones on New Year eve. Let 2012 be a prosperouse one. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scale Model Handbook has arrived...

I just got my copy of the new Mr. Black Publications Scale Model Handbook from Stelios Demiras with my article regarding the vignette I created yet in 2009 - The Old Servant scene. The publication is printed on a high quality paper with beautiful pictures and various subjects mentioned inside reaching the number of 9 articles spreaded on 50 pages.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Publications, Panzer Aces No 37, December 2011, Pzkpfw IV Aush. H Mittlere Prod., Ukraine 1944

I'd like to share with you my very first publication in spanish magazine, the Accion Press published Panzer Aces. The current issue No 37 comes with a 10 page article describing my winter dressed Pzkpfw IV Ausf. H.
Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sturmpionier, 3. SS Pz.Div. "Totenkopf", Budapest 1945

Following the finish of the Uscha. from Totenkopf I started painting the second ATAK figure depicting a SS-Mann Sturmpionier. The M42 style winter jacket in late war oakleaf pattern and white trousers were my pick for this figure. Below a bit of progress so far.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Unterscharführer, 3. SS Pz. Div."Totenkopf", Budapest, winter 1945

Below are several photos of the finished figure of the Unterscharführer. I repainted the trousers pattern three times and eventually decided to leave it as it is. This was a very positive attempt for me in painting camoflage although I had to do several attempts before getting to a satissfying effect. I'm also very happy with the use of deep violet glaze.
Next posting will be about the second ATAK figure I started to paint.
After having both of these figures painted I will think of some kind of a vignette, hence there's no weathering at this moment on this Uscha.
Have a nice week.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unterscharführer, 3. SS Pz. Div."Totenkopf", "Op. Konrad I", Ungarn, winter 1945

More progress on the figure, I'm close to finish painting the trousers. Below the photo of the figure is the mix of colors used to paint the Eichenlaubmuster - the basecoat and dark blotches, 3rd photo shows the mix for yellow blotches of the oak leaf pattern that I use. I had some questions about the colors, and I hope this will help a bit.

For the basecoat of the trousers I used a mix of no 305 and no 337 with a 70-30% ratio. For highlights of the basecoat I added few drops of no 345. For the darker and lighter blotches of the pattern I used no 310 and no 337. Then glazes made of thinned Winsor & Newton oli paints were involved, based on van dyck braun, french ultramarine and magenta (not shown here).

The yellow blotches of the pattern were painted as follows with a mixture of no 321 and no 341with a similar ratio of the paints as previously (70%-30%). The pattern was lightened with delicate strokes of a mixture of no 321,341 and no 70917. I also started using a lot more retarder then I did on previous figures with pleasent results (the colors blend in in much more comfortable way).

Publications - Figure Modeling vol. I - Scale Model Handbook, Mr. Black Publications

I'd like to present a new book from Greece by Mr Black Publications where I participate with my "The old servant..." scene. It's a new line of publications and this figure volume is the first to come on the market. Stelios Demiras, the editor, informed me that it should be available until 10th of December.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unterscharführer, 3. SS Pz. Div."Totenkopf", "Op. Konrad I", Ungarn, winter 1945

As you may remember couple of months ago I did a set of Waffen SS Grenadiere for polish ATAK model brand and now I found the time to paint my copies of these figures. I started with the veteran Unterscharführer figure armed with a StG 44. Initially When I was sculpting this particullar figure the available info I had claimed that he's wearing a winter fur overall. But as I was noticed, it was quite common that the soldiers put their winter SS anoraks in their pants and most probably this was the same case. That is why I came to an idea to paint the trousers in the autumn Oak Leaf Pattern camouflage. Paints used are Vallejos.
Progres as seen below.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Napoleon's footsteps, retreat from Moscow 1941

Doing some cleanup in my "atelier" I encountered a vintage 2006 figure that was sculpted by me as a commission for one of polish new brands at that time which was going to launch a series of WW 2 figures. In total I sculpted 5-6 figures but in the end the whole commission was cancelled and none of the figures saw daylight.
This figure depicts a battered and freezing german soldier retreating from the failed operation Typhoon, an attempnt to seize Moscow in the late months of 1941. Even thoght it's a 5 year old project, I still find this figure very interesting attempt in sculpting action figures and trying to portray a dramatic scene in scale. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

152mm обр. 1937 ML 20 Gun-Howitzer, Trumpeter

It's about time to paint something really special, this time I picked a quite new model, the long awaited infamous 152mm ML 20 (used i.a. on SU/ISU 152 Zvieroboi SPGs). The build is finished, I will proceed with paintjob shortly. The kit overally is impressive in looks and very nice in build-up with some minor part fitting and trimming required. I really liked the idea of packaging PE parts in foil, which prevents tiny parts, when cut, from flying away into the unknown...).

Monday, October 31, 2011

It's been 250 000 hits...

250 000 hits since 2008 and 186 followers so let me just say thanks for all the evergrowing interest in my works. And I'm hoping to maintain the frequency of my posts here. Once again, many thanks.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Publications, Pro Modell, 2011/3, Soviet East Asian Trooper figure sbs

This time my Soviet East Asian Trooper figure sculpting and painting step by step article is available for hungarian readers, thanks to Pro Modell magazine.

Photo courtesy Duncan B.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A trip to Overloon War Museum, Holland, October 2011, Part 1

Trip to Overloon was one of the main events during my recent trip to Holland. Here are couple of pictures that I took there. The Museum offers a good collection of various military gear, vehicles, aeroplanes and other military related stuff. Below you will find a selection of rarities kept in the museum...

Me next to a JS 2 displayed outside the museum...

Destination Overloon....

Blitz over our heads...

A real gem, SWS on display...

The heart of a Panzer...Maybach HL 230

Sunday, October 9, 2011

SMC 2011, more about the show

After a busy weekend I had on my University I'd like to present a pack of photos from the SMC show that took place in Eindhoven on 2nd October. Hope you enjoy because I enjoyed it a lot and will be there next year. I had the opportunity to judge in 3 classes along with Roy Schurgers and Sven Frisch in the company. That was a totally new and fresh experience for me also because of the simple and reasonable criteria for the competition.

Entrance to the show halls

My trophys

The scene

The bar, where the evening discussions took place and I had couple of drinks with Mig Jimenez, Robert Crombeecke and others...

I had the opportunity to see Jean Bernard Andre's masterpieces

Other works

Mrs Siepmann's sculpt

Alessandro Bruni's lord chaos

The ocean witch

Familiar with this name? Migs models on presentation

Marijn van Gils was so kind to describe me the way he created his award winning "Busted" box diorama. It won the Best of Show at SMC

Lots of beautiful stuff to be seen there

Roy Schurgers' works on the Scale Model Factory club stand

Armor -Masters - class 22

Lanna-Bruschi duo brought several of their works, among them this decapitated Centurion ARV

Volker Bemmbennek took gold for his new StuG III G scene

Roger Hurkmans' RSO scene

Roger Hurkmans' StuG III G "Defeat of the Dutch" scene

Red Devils in Arnhem...

There were also some polish accents in the show, Kamil Sztarbala's polish Dana vz 1977 sp howitzer, took silver in dioramas-standard

Florian Zehe's Egyptian JS 3

Markus Lack's StuG III F/8

Sven Frisch's Panther from Berlin:

Roy Schurgers' T-34 on pedestal - The monument

Roger Hurkmans' wonderful RSO, another view

Volker Bemmbennek's 'garage' scene "Ferme!"

Tailgunner by Jean Bernard Andre, this humble frenchman made a presentation about handling resin components to create realistic and artistic water effects

The italian shippment... Vincenzo Lanna and Alessandro Bruschi brought all together 21 works of their own along with the works of other italian modellers, these won many awards

Eric Vogel's jungle diorama