Thursday, December 9, 2010

Publications, Steel Art No 85, January 2011, Figure sbs

Alessandro Bruschi was so kind to publish my long awaited figure sculpting step by step. I was asked many times about doing such tutorial. It will be available in January issue of Steel Art. The article is about sculpting Russian Eastasian WW 2 Trooper, it will be a part of a vignette later on. Building the scene will be described in second part of the article.


  1. Yours works finally in Italian language! The collaboration with my favourite italian magazine is a gift for the new Year!!!!!!

  2. Stefano, ma come, il Sherman gia sono stato publiccato a Novembre in Steel Art:)
    Dzięki Mateusz ;)

  3. I Know, I know.....very interesting article!....but now you speak about figures, and I like very much how you makes its!!!!
    All of my respect!