Saturday, October 16, 2010

Panzers to the rescue - Korsun-Cherkassy cauldron, Ukraine, early 1944

Having the soviet Pz IV scene completed now I will continue works with another, and actually my last 2009 finished build, Pz IV H Mittlere Produktion. To make the scene more interesting I bought Miniart's SU 76. It will be sitting dissabled on the river bank by the incoming Panzer. The historical background for this one is the retreat of German divisions from Ukraine, during heavy fightings in January-February 1944 while the 1. Panzer Armee was trying to unblock forces trapped in Korsun-Cherkassy cauldron.


  1. "Kończ waść, wstydu oszczędź" :) Jak zwykle, miodzio...

  2. Su okazało się miejscami dość trudne do złożenia więc trochę mi się zeszło, ale teraz to już z górki :)