Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soviet Siberian Trooper, Berlin, 1945

Many times I've been asked for a sculpting tutorial and step by step photos. I have recently finished a project for this purpouse. The subject is a less common one, a soviet euro-asian trooper. The Red Army was combined of many nations living inside the Red Empire i.e. Tartars, Georgians, Kalmykians etc. and I decided to depict this subject. It will be a part of a vignette taking place in ruined Berlin, May 1945. Head comes from Hornet's asian expressions headset, slightly modified by me, with a field cap added.
The sbs will be available in italian Steel Art and czech Modelar magazine later this year and is a part of a two volume article about sculpting figures and creating military vignettes.


  1. you do awesome work, I'm really impressed with the detail! hopefully you'll be able to provide us with a link to the article? I'm in the USA and I don't think we get that magazine here.

    best of luck
    Marisa Stein

  2. V. najs Radek. I love your figure sculpting. So lifelike.