Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soviet Pz IV E - Diorama, Painting the scene

Today a quick peek on the progress of the scenery. The building is mostly finished, I'm going to add a bit more weathering, mostly moist and dust effects to the lower parts of it.

I also secured the edges of the base with a masking tape and then started with the groundwork

A simple mix as usually used in my works, wood glue, sand, plaster and crushed plaster bricks to imitate stones.

I did some hairspray based weathering on the wooden cabin and steps. Then Tamiya Medium blue was used and finally with gentle moves of a brush deeped in warm water I scratched the surfaces to reveal the wooden color undearneath the blue paint.

Close-ups of the house, there's little to be done here, some more weathering I suppose, moist and dust effects. The drainpipe should be rusted a bit I think.

In next posting I will show the finished piece.


  1. Great work my friend ! It's finger lickin good :D

  2. Hello guys,

    Thanks for the feedback,

    Sincerely yours