Friday, August 27, 2010

Soviet Pz IV E - Diorama, # 2

More progress today, the build is coming along nicely and I'm about to finish the figures, the commander figure is the one that requires most attention and the partisan guy is completed now. The house is nearly fnished, lacks a window and door but these are about to be added tommorow. As for the house I choose sheet metal roof quite common in the southern parts of russia during this period. Next update coming soon. Enjoy.


  1. Hello Radosław,

    a Panzer IV in sowjet service, nice Idea!
    The figures are well composed to the tank. Good work, I will keep an eye on this blog.

    Best regards

  2. Very nice work, I will follow this tutorial closely!.

  3. Hi, I like very much the Pz IV, the weathering is too good, but one question: why the interior of the turret is black? The russians paint it blak? (as tke Stones?).
    I'll continue your work.
    Thanks to show it

  4. Hi guys,
    At first I want to thank you for your support,
    Xavi, the interior is in german gray, the original color of this captured tank, the russians repainted only the outer surfaces. With this I wanted also to break the green colors.
    Thanks for looking.


  5. Dear Radek, pls tell me what main (basic) kit fir russian figures?

    Thank you so much.

  6. Serge, my figures were scratchbuilt, I onlt used reworked heads from Hornet.