Monday, July 5, 2010

Tigergrab, 503 sPz.Abt., Potash 1944, Part 3

Ok, so I worked on the weathering and completed the white wash. The tank on the photo has its camouflage in pretty good condition so I didn't want to make it completety washed. The most annoying part were the tracks, to blacken the friuls I used a homemade mixture of vinegar and domestos but it didn't work as I expected so after this I painted the tracks with tamiya nato black and after this secured them with a layer of tamiya smoke. Vallejo pigments were used. I still need to fix three torsion bar arms that were haning from the hull were the missing wheels were. More weathering will follow just after I paint some micro scratches on the exposed parts of the tank, like the barrel, cupola, turret bin and engine deck. A full article about this model will be published in Military Modelcraft Int. later this year.


  1. Beautiful model, beautiful painting, very much the end of your diorama!

  2. Fantastic model, master paining.... congratulations....!!!!!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for comments, much appreciated.

  4. Wow, another masterpiece from you ! I think the best on this Tiger is the zimmerit ! Very cool Radek...
    all the best

    one of your fans


  5. Killer job mate!

    Cadu Souza

  6. Florian, Cadu, thanks guys. And yes, I'm very happy with the zimmerit effect, especially comparing it to the one I did on the Pz IV H.

  7. This one looks so real! I like the main body as well as the tracks, which are a masterpiece. You certainly are an artist. Regards. Robert