Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Publications, Military Modelcraft Int. Vol 14, No 10, August 2010 - Readers' Gallery

A gallery of my works was published in the recent (August) issue of Military Modelcraft Int. Before the Tiger article is ready David Grummit, the editor of this fine magazine, offered me to publish a compilation of some of my recent works, and here it is. Many thanks goes to David and rest of the MMI crew.


  1. Hi Radek,
    How are you my friend? It's great to see more of your works in magazines of late. I think modeling magazines are great exposure for a modeller/artist. Hope i could get my hands on some of them.

    Congrats! Do keep in touch.


  2. Hello Julian,

    All is fine, I'm struggling to have several projects completed (some of them will be published) but you know how it is, always encountering different barriers to deal with :) I'll write you a email later this day.